Chorégraphie écrite par Jgor PASIN – Janvier 2016)
Niveau : Intermédiaire

Line dance 96 temps, 2 murs,

Musique : Maybe I should’nt – Matt BORDEN

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Well I was sittin’ at home
Got a call on my phone from my buddy
Asked if he’d stop by the store
And pick up a case a beer
He said, « Wish I could, but hey Matt
I ain’t got the money »
I said, « Get on back, don’t you worry
The party is going on here »
Got girls runnin’ round in the kitchen
They’re all half naked
I’m hopin’ and prayin’ to God
They stay the night
And I’m thinkin’ that maybe I shouldn’t
But I say, « What the hell, c’mon boys
Let’s have a good time »

Honey I know you’re home sleepin’
And I’m out runnin’ wild
Don’t you ever forget that
They call me the wild child

Walked out on the back porch
And talked to a purty lady
She came up to me and
Had asked me for a light
I said, « Whatcha smokin’?

Marlboros or marijuana? »
She said, « Both » with a grin
« But I like the coke and lime »
Well we don’t need Scooby Doo
To solve this mystery
It’s clear to see the « want me »
In your eyes
And I’m thinkin’ that maybe I shouldn’t
My girl wouldn’t know
But still, it just wouldn’t seem right


We ran outta beer
Broke out a half gallon of Jager
I took off the top
And passed it around
I said, « Hey lady,
Do you want the grand tour? »
I took her upstairs, closed the door,
And laid her down

Chorus x 2

Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/matt-borden/maybe-i-shouldn-t-lyrics/#ZVEIjJWib6qrHed4.99